Monday, October 3, 2011

wicker is quicker.......

when it is brought back to life with spray paint.
i have had this wicker love seat for over 20 years, i think....
it has found different places to reside in each of the last three houses we have lived in.
it currently resides in my bedroom and is a holding spot for my clothes when i shed them at night.
it has always been white.  i have changed the cover of the cushion on it quite a few times but i think it has had the same white paint job i bought it with.  a few years ago i tried to highlight it a bit with 
some stain.  but i was a dork then and never even took the cushion off before i hit it with the stain brush.
why would i, the cushion was going to cover that part anyway, right?
lazy girl!!! 
the stain just made it look dirty. and there was quite a bit of paint chippage going on 
and it was just overall worn looking.
it was time for some sprucing up. favorite spray paint.
i was at home depot a couple of weeks ago and this paint was marked down. 
and i loved the name...
i thought that the color was perfect to add a splash of color to my bedroom.  
and how cute would my discarded clothes look as they were thrown haphazardly onto it every night?
so i took it into the yard and sprayed the heck out of it.....
it took two cans and a small amount out of a third can to cover it front, back and underside...
i love it!!!
it covered up all of the dings and chips and tricked out the tired wicker.
and it was completely done in about 3 hours including 3 light coats and drying time.
it had to stay in the garage for a couple of more days because of the paint odor which wasn't awful, 
but i didn't want to be exposed to it while i was sleeping.
it is now back in it's niche in the bedroom.  i plan on making a new seat cover and pillows for it when i get a chance to get to the fabric store.
in the meantime, i wrapped the seat with my ofelia throw from ikea.
the two pillows borrowed from my bed are actually zippered covers i scored 
from target a while back on clearance for $2.00 each.
it is so pretty that i never got to see if my dirty clothes looked cute draped on it.   
now i throw my clothes right into the hamper at night.  
which is what i should have been doing anyway, right?


Ethereal PLUS what I Love said...

hi this came out great ...I have an old wicker chase I was going to get rid of ... but now I'm wondering if I should spray it. Thanks for the inspiration! :) Francine

Me said...

I liked the white, but now I'm LOVING the lagoon blue ever MORE. It's gorgeous. And now I think i have to go to Ikea to score that blanket. Was that a recent purchase? It's such a beautiful pattern. Thanks for sharing!

Dre said...

LURVE it! It looks fantastic!

Susan said...

Your wicker sofa turned out beautifully! Love the lagoon color!

Mandy said...

This turned out wonderful. The color is amazing, especially with the pillows you added. Great job! I'd love it if you would link it up to my party that began yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Great job ! Love the color and it looks like brand new.


Robin Johnson said...

WOW! I love the color. It looks amazing now.

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

Hi Cindy, This is such a pretty color and it is beautiful on the wicker. Thank you for sharing this transformation at the Open House Party.

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