Monday, May 31, 2010

thank you.....

from the bottom of our hearts to the men and women who fight so valiantly for our country and it's freedom. 

and our most heartfelt thanks to for those who have made the supreme sacrifice.  may their families and loved ones find peace. 

Sunday, May 30, 2010


i went to a couple of garage sales yesterday.  i seriously think people think they are running a retail store instead of a garage sale.  really, an ugly coffee table from 1992 for $50?  a picture frame for $5?  not even a cool old big frame, a crappy contact paper over plastic frame 8 x 10 for $5?  good luck selling your stuff, is what i wanted to say to her.  

then i went to another garage sale and found these...
the frames in the back i painted before i took a picture of them. they have bowed glass.  and i love this candle holder.
the detail is really pretty.  the color? not so much...nothing a can of heirloom white satin paint won't cure!
nothing is better than free, right? because don is still unemployed and free is good!!
this little candle-holder is solid iron.  it would make a great cake-plate base.  that will get a hit of heirloom white too.

after that garage sale, shannon and i hit up the goodwill store.  i have been looking for something like this to use as a photography prop for a long time.  i never, ever thought i would get this lucky....ready?

how about this?........major score!!!!!!!!
shannon spotted it.  when i saw got my first look at it, it stood in the middle of the store with sun rays beaming down from heaven and the angels were singing on high...
well, not quite, but close.  
the best part??  $60.00 smackeroos!!!  10 dollars more than that crappy coffee table.
and clean as a whistle.  seriously, it is pristine.  and it didn't stink, because that was the first thing i did after pulling the cushions off of it to see what kind of disaster was under there.  ooh, my mind started racing about what i could do with this beauty for photography.
it is big, 90 inches long and since it is old, it is heavy.  not too heavy, though,  to haul out 
for pictures.
you could fit and entire family an their two mastiffs on that sofa.  
when i snapped out of my trance and came back to my senses, i reminded shannon that i wasn't allowed to spend any money on such a thing and that don would be furious if i did. 
she told me i wasn't leaving the store without it.  she would buy it for me for my birthday, and she wasn't going to take no for an answer.  
god, i love that girl!!!
 happy birthday to me...(shhhh, it's not until october)!

don is still on the fence about it, but this one has been eyeballing it as his new parking spot!!
don't even think about it, dog!!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

today's post is brought to you by the color....


and now back to your regularly scheduled programming...

Friday, May 28, 2010

he's at it again.....

more paint and a clean new look....
well, a little cluttered yet..

he started by painting the trim and crown moulding..
this is looking from the kitchen into the sitting room...
this is the angle from the great room
once he got the new paint on the back wall
the color is called "porpoise" by behr...
there is a huge difference already.  i liked the old colors but they were a little dark
i think the new gray color is clean and bright looking now...
yesterday, he got the rest of the walls cut in.
the side walls are shade lighter, called "gentle rain" also by behr.
then... disaster struck.....
a whole paint tray of paint fell off of the ladder and landed here....
a full paint tray...
don was just sick...he called me at work and thought i was going to be so angry with him.
i wasn't...hey, accidents happen
(and some accidents help to push through the decision for new carpeting)
but not this time.  the dog's cage sits in that little niche and hides the stains very nicely,
today, it looks like this...
light and bright.
there will be a very large antique window hanging from that back wall.  and i mean big.
this room is next
how cute is she????
she is my screen saver right now...and the picture will be on my next color of the week post tomorrow.
can you guess what the color theme will be??

see you tomorrow...

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