Thursday, October 13, 2011

anyone for a spot of tea?

i have been waiting to post these pictures for about a month now, and i am so excited.....
my friend christina, mama to these pretty girls...,
(remember when i photographed them last year in their princess dresses?)
called me last spring to ask if i would take pictures for their 4th and 5th birthday party this fall.  i had actually been meaning to call her to tell her that she needed to have a "tea party" birthday party for them this year.  i had seen so many beautiful things on pinterest and thought that they were the perfect age for one.  we almost said it at the same time because that was just what she wanted to do.  she wasn't sure just how she was going to do it, though.  
i had just the inspiration for her... 
i started a pinterest board with ideas for little girl's tea parties.
she ran with it....totally.
she and her husband built, repurposed and sewed everything.
and i think they did a knockout job!
here are their two girls this year..
she made most of the food.  the girls had iced tea or lemonade 
poured out of teapots into beautiful teacups...
when christina told her mom that she was going to have a tea party birthday, her mom remembered that
she had a box of teacups belonging to christina's grandmother that she had forgotten about.
they went up into the attic that day and found the box.  her grandmother had passed away earlier in the year so it was even more special that she had them to use.
as the story goes, her grandfather was a big sports fisherman.  every time he went on a fishing trip, he brought his wife back a teacup and saucer from wherever the trip was. 
there were about 20 sets of teacups and saucers in that box.  every one was different and each and every one was in pristine condition.  

it was an omen.....
it just snowballed from there and she started planning, building and sewing.
they had to cut down a tree and cut the logs into stumps for seating.
she made the little pillows for each stump princess chair.
the table was made from two old doors that her boss had in her garage.  her husband made legs and they set them up end to end.
it was set with the teacups that the girls drank out of.
the swing was covered in lace and trimmed with tulle...
and hung from the apple tree.
she hung a pretty frame from anorther tree 

and as each guest showed up for the party, they were seated in a chair set behind it and had their princess picture taken.
how cute is this little one?.....
all of the food was special

in lieu of cucumber sandwiches, the girls had peanut butter and jelly croissants.
christina made the suckers and the buttons adorning each package
came from her grandmother's button jar.
the chandelier was given to her from someone that was going to throw it away.  
 she painted it pink and added the crystals.
the lace covered toy box held the gifts.
the bench below was also something that was rescued from the trash.
the girls all made hats to wear at the hat station where someone was waiting to help them hot glue ribbons, lace and silk flowers to them. 
each girl got a pair of white gloves which they all wore when they drank their tea...
she got to blow out the candle on her birthday cupcake...
and the girls played musical stumps....
it was magical and no detail was left out.  we had a lovely day for the party during a week of really ugly weather.
it was perfect!!!


Carrie @ My Favorite Finds said...

beautiful...that is all absolutely gorgeous.

Privet and Holly said...

HOW in the
world did you
hold back for
a whole YEAR
from posting
this??? As a
mom who used
to plot and plan
each detail for
my own kid's
parties, I am
SO impressed at
this beautiful
fete : ) The girls
must have been
so delighted! Your
pictures are just
lovely and will be
a great keepsake
for mom and girls.
Loved it!
xx Suzanne

Kate said...

wow - I love it! I have 2 boys so I feel a little left out of the girly stuff - I would have loved to attend that party!

Meg from Megs A Mommy! said...

OH MY GOSH!! This makes me so excited to be having a little girl!

I collect teapots and teacups and had a similar theme for my bridal shower- I wish it looked like this! SO CUTE!!

That lady should be a party planner. Seriously. OMG, I can't get over it. =D

Between Blue and Yellow said...

Stunning party! Great pics, looks like a really fun time.

cococricketsmama said...

Your photography is BEAUTIFUL!!!! I need to take some photography lessons.
What camera and lens do you use?
Whata COOL party, so sweet!
Your blog is lovely and thanks so much for stopping by mine!

Tali said...

I absolutely love this! thanks for sharing! ;) i might have to steal this idea in a few years... and have you come photograph the event of course!

Georgianna said...

Wow – speechless! Brilliant party and beautifully captured. Every little girl's dream. Thank you so much for sharing this adorable event, Cindy! xo

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