Tuesday, October 4, 2011

the little details....

after i posted about my first attempt at sewing a slipcover for my craigslist sofa, it took a few days
to finish off the back.  i needed a way to fasten the two back flaps together.
since i was too afraid to attempt buttonholes, even though my sewing machine can make buttonholes, 
i went the easy safe route and used ribbon.
i am kind of a girly girl...
 (well, most of the time, except when i swear like a sailor or burp really loud)
...so i like ruffles and bows.  
it took a few tries to place the ribbon where it would allow the back flaps to close with a slight overlap.  
i used grosgrain ribbon because i figured it would be pretty tough and easy to sew on.  i folded each piece of ribbon in about an inch and pinned it on to check for placement.
i sewed it in a square around that fold and sewed an "x" in the middle of each box for 
extra reinforcement.  that sucker is not going anywhere. 
i used fray check on the ends of the ribbon so that when i washed the slipcover, they wouldn't fray.  hopefully it will prevent the fraying.....but i guess that remains to be seen.
(i think i said "fray" too much.  sounds weird.)

oh, and see how the bottom ruffle was uneven? 
 it must have something to do with my photographic eye, but things have to be visually balanced and appealing to me.  i knew this was going to bug me every time i looked at it.
so, because i am kind of anal when it comes to things like that, 
i got that darn old seam ripper out and re-sewed it the right way...
aahhhhh!! visually appealing.....and cute!
don liked it too.  which is all that really matters, right?
bwahahahaha...yeah, right!!!!

life should always be cute, don't you think?


Amy Chalmers said...

I love the ribbon ties, very darling!

Okie Chic said...

Love it!! The ties are too cute. I'm getting ready to attempt slipping my couch I hope it turns out as good as yours.

Gypsy Girl(Brenda) said...

Oh what a cute cover. I like the new seat.

Pine Tree Home said...

Life always needs to be cute or we cry. Great job.

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