Saturday, October 15, 2011

hail to the victors valiant....

the big game...michigan (6-0) vs. michigan state (4-1).  
on tap for noon today.  
my boys are undefeated. i am picking the wolverines to win.
i will be in my great room with my son watching the most legendary game in college football in michigan. my husband will be at the grocery store, the home depot, in the backyard or standing out in the wind and rain (which is our weather today).  he will be gnashing his teeth and developing a stomach ulcer.  because not only is the game legendary, so is don's reputation as a university of michigan alumni who
cannot watch a university of michigan football game.  he just can't.  his brain just won't let him watch a game without 
screaming at the tv, 
stomping off after a bad play, 
hollering at me to turn the tv off so he doesn't have to be tortured anymore 
or ripping his hair out at the roots. 
yeah, we call him "superfan"!!
and since i love to watch the game without him torturing me too, he has to leave. 
so i've written out the grocery list, i'm having him check out the oops paint at the home depot and i've pointed out all of the things in the yard that need to be attended to.
i just hope it is three hours worth......


Pine Tree Home said...

Hahaha, so funny. My family is from Michigan and I rock my blue and yellow sweatshirt often.

Unknown said...

I'm a Yankees and Giants fan so I do like blue! Not much of a Michigan anything fan but I do own a Wolverines sweatshirt a friend bought me many years ago and to this day the sweatie looks in great shape! J

Lisa said...

I love the shoes. They have such style.

Kate said...

Where did you get the navy Michigan converse?! I want them!

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