Monday, June 13, 2011

two more projects finished.....

remember this cabinet?
 it was a tv cabinet purchased off of craigslist for $35.00.  
my friend lisa wanted a stand-alone pantry for the kitchen in her new house.  
the one she really wanted was from ikea.  this one.  that was $320.00

ooh, expensive!!

she also wanted the same color/finish as the one at ikea, which was sort of a brown with a gray wash.  i tried to replicate the color/finish but

it looked like poo-poo! 
so i started layering the paint.....
which we both liked much better.  
she also wanted it to be taller so she got these feet for it and stacked two of them together.

we decided to add a couple of layers of 2 x 4's to make it even taller and ultimately added more stability to the bottom of the cabinet to brace the feet.
we thought that this would be the look she ultimately wanted but we really didn't like it. 
so it got some crown moulding that i had leftover in the basement.  after it was added, it looked like 
(half painted)
much better.  much, much better!!
after a few tweaks and LOTS  of work (because it was laminated paper over particle board and needed lots of primer, paint and glaze) and replacing the cardboard back panel with painted and glazed beadboard, i fulfilled her vision for it.
the revisions at the bottom of the cabinet added 13 inches to the total height.
i am 5'10.

after finishing the painting and glazing of the bottom moulding, my husband and i were attempting to move it.  we lifted it straight up and because it is so tall, it hit the top of the garage door and threw us both off balance and we DROPPED IT.  it survived, but while i was falling on my buttski and the cabinet was boinking me in the head, i ripped off the side panel of the moulding at the bottom while trying to keep the piece from taking a complete header.  
luckily, we were able to prevent any major damage and all i had to do 
was re-nail the moulding on and touch up the paint!
here is the final result...
and inside....
because it was a tv cabinet, there were only 3 shelves for it.  (she has one at home)  she and her husband will add shelving as needed when she gets it to her new home in minnesota.....
here is a sneak peek of the last project for miss lisa...


Ruffles n Raspberries said...

Wow! That cabinet is beautiful now! GREAT refurbishing project, great job!!

Kim said...

The cabinet turned out beautiful!! Love the new feet!

Pine Tree Home said...

I really like the feet trick.

Cassie Bustamante said...

wow- that looks amazing! the finish and the feet are fabulous!

Heaven's Walk said...

AWESOME JOB!!!! It looks absolutely beautiful! :)

xoxo laurie

miabellavintage said...

i know how much work can go into a project. well done.


RhettDidntGiveADamn said...

Turned out fabulous! I have a height problem with a couple of end tables but because of the weird shape of the legs I can't figure out how to add height. The search continues... lol.

(new follower here!)


Lisa said...

I love the new look to it.

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