Thursday, May 5, 2011

another furniture redo (challenge)...

this one will be a challenge.  my friend lisa wanted a storage cabinet for her kitchen...sort of a free-standing pantry.  she found one that she liked at ikea.
but it was $350.00.  i told her that we could do better...way better.
so she found this cabinet on craigslist.  for $35.00.   just imagine two doors attached and two shelves on the bottom. it was the right width, not the right height.  before i started sanding it, the finish looked like this (the middle part).  it is pressed board and a fake finish.  you know the kind.  the piece of furniture that comes in 6 long flat boxes and has to be put together with an allen wrench...
the owners used it as a tv cabinet so the back has a big hole cut out of it. 

 i plan to use beadboard for the back and add another shelf to the top.

we are adding feet to the bottom.  her dad is going to build an "L" shaped brace for each corner of the bottom to attach the feet to so this will raise it up and to add some interest.

stay tuned for updates.....  :)


Privet and Holly said...

You, my friend are
a genius when it
comes to these projects.
And what a lucky friend
to have you to help her!
Can't wait to see how
it turns out. Happy
Mother's Day, Cindy!
xx Suzanne

Helen said...

Is there an update on this piece?? I love your blog. I just found it today while on Pinterest.

Lisa said...

I can't wait to see how it looks with feet.

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