Friday, May 27, 2011

more great thrift store finds....

i have been looking for small chairs for kids to use as photography props.  i have used full sized chairs in the past but wanted something smaller and with arms for my little ones.
i found this one at a church garage sale...for two dollars.
i have always love the jenny lind style of furniture so i was really happy to find this chair.
this color of blue photographs so nicely in any setting.  it looks great with grass green, sky blue and any color of flower that i would plop it in front of...
i liked it but love a more vintage and worn out look so i hacked at it with the sandpaper....
i love how it turned out but i want to glaze some of the sanded marks a little more.  
i needed it for a photo shoot so i didn't get a chance to do that yet.

but it photographs beautifully!!!
and it fit baby j. just perfectly...more on his adorable family later.

a new goodwill store opened near my house a couple of weeks ago.  i went on opening day and it was packed with people and goodies. 
 i found the furniture to be a little pricey but found a cool candelabra. it's about 12 inches tall and
the little holes at the bottom of the arms hold a string of crystals that i thought were plastic.  when i cleaned them up, i was amazed at how beautiful they were....
perfect little faceted glass crystals
and i couldn't believe the price,  $1.79.  
these candle holders were a bargain too, at just .99 apiece. they are heavy and beautiful.
the one on the right shows what it looked like after i cleaned it up with some silver cleaner.

these are a couple of finds from the garage sale last week that i didn't show in the last post.
a pair of brass wall sconces.  i love how ornate they are.  
 now i just need to find some glass shades for them.
 i fell in love with this sampler.....and since i'm from michigan, i had to have it.
 i love that it was stitched by an 8 year-old girl
 and that she misspelled pleasant....  :)

i need to find a way to clean this though, because i think that there is mold in the area of her name.  does anyone know how to clean something like this without ruining it?  any tips would be very helpful. 

and finally, our long awaited spring finally produced my favorite lilacs......

i hope everyone has a great memorial day weekend.  


Musings Of A Gem said...

Love the chair...such an adorable size!!

Gemma x

Me said...

Would you mind sharing the color of the blue chair? It's adorable. And I love all your Goodwill goodies! Our Goodwill is pretty expensive too. Expensive for USED stuff, that is :) Wish I could find chairs for $2!

Unknown said...

love the chair the distressing really made it and your pictures are beautiful.

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