Wednesday, May 4, 2011


the girls spent last weekend with us, along with my niece allie.  on friday night, we watched "tangled" and tessa informed me toward the end of the movie that she wanted her mommy and she wanted to go home.  she does that every time she spends the night with us....i guess it's just a stage even though she is the one who wanted to spend the night in the first place.  we just tell her that she can't go home and she is staying.  she cries for a while and then....
she snuggles in and falls asleep.
scarlett, on the other hand, loves spending the night, comforts her little sister when she has these little breakdowns and always just goes with the flow.  she was asleep before tessa was.  i look at this picture of how absolutely angelic they look, and my heart just goes pitter-patter!!!  i love them so much...
{you too allie  :) }
and yes we are snuggling under blankets and the girls are wearing winter jammies because even though it is now the month of may, michigan thinks that it is still february or march temperature wise....


Privet and Holly said...

Sweetness is
exactly right.
And btw, I wear
my flannels most
of the year, too : )
I like to be cozy!
xx Suzanne

Georgianna said...

Very cute, Cindy! And I can sympathize with the weather – it's raining right now and more to come all weekend. Waa. Still want to come to Seattle? :) Normally May is gorgeous, this is a bit depressing.

Happy Mother's Day! xo – g

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