Sunday, June 12, 2011

the happy little nightstand has a big sister now

remember this little nightstand?
that was transformed into this?
meet her big sister....
not an exact match, but who wants exact?  not me 
and not my friend lisa who this chest of drawers was for
it didn't start out this nice....
it was in her garage doing duty as a storage facility for tools, nuts and bolts, cans of grease and other
manly garage objects.  it was in really bad shape. wood was stained, scratched and warping.
there was a lot of missing or peeling veneer everywhere.
on both sides 
and the front
so out came the wood filler.  it starts out pink 
and turns white when it is dry.  
there was a lot of damage. you can see the damage in the back too!
so with a little carpenter's glue
 and a lot of clamps, she was placed in traction for a couple of hours. 
the surgery was a complete success....
there was a little cosmetic surgery as well so i could use matching knobs for the top drawer of the chest.
it turned out great.
the paint is behr and the color is clary sage from sherwin williams.  the top and detail at the bottom were stained with jacobean from minwax and the entire chest was finished 
in dark brown ralph lauren glaze.
the knobs on the top drawer are from hobby lobby and were half price from $3.99.  the rest of the drawer pulls are original to the piece and sprayed with rustoleum dark bronze. 
( i don't know what that weird black spot is on the third drawer but it isn't on the piece in real life)
i would have loved to find drawer pulls like the one on the nightstand
but since that one was original i went with the original ones from the chest.
it never ceases to amaze me what a little paint and wood glue can do for a 
piece of furniture that would normally be tossed into the trash...
i love saving these unloved orphans...


susan.a.lentz said...

Great job! I'm really in love with the color of those pieces. Thanks for sharing the details!

Vanessa Coppa said...

I a little paint, wood glue and a lot of work! Truly amazing transformation. How did you learn to do this?

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