Tuesday, June 21, 2011

garage sale results......

since i only held the garage sale for one day, (baseball got in the way) i didn't make a ton of money.
most of my big stuff got sold though and i was glad to get it off of my hands.
these guys, however, made a killing on the lemonade stand.
i set up everything under the tree in our front yard after rethinking the placement i had originally set up.
if you look at the top picture, i had the tables set up in front of the shed on the left so i could screw the chalkboard into the shed wall. (shhhhh!! don't tell don i did that, he'd have my head on a platter}.
i don't know what i was thinking, you have to set up a lemonade stand at the beginning, right?....
we got the other chalkboard out of the house and used it to advertise the flavors of our cupcakes. salted caramel and rainbow cupcakes.
who wouldn't want to buy the rainbow cupcakes that the kids helped me bake the day before.  you 
know, the day..... 
they sold out first!!!
there was also banana bread and brownies.  halfway through the garage sale, austen's friend nick made some break and bake chocolate chip cookies because we were running out of goodies.
everything sold.  at first the bigger kids (austen and nick) were afraid to ask potential customers if they wanted any cupcakes or lemonade when they approached the lemonade stand.  
so they recruited this one
the three year old....
to do all of the talking for them.  she turned out to be their ace in the hole....
she asked every single person who showed up that day if they wanted a cupcake or some lemonade.  if they said no, she would ask them if they wanted a brownie or a cookie while following them around the driveway.  
she was so darn persistent cute and sweet that even the ones that said no at the beginning 
bought something from the kids before they left. 

the kids took turns manning the station and were very good about being responsible.  their responsibility paid off well...they made $35.00!!
they learned a lesson about business, persistence and how customer service pays off.  one lady gave them $10.00 for a 25 cent cup of lemonade.  she told them that they were doing a great job.  another young man gave them $5.00 and he told me it was because he remembered that someone did that for him when he was little and he never forgot how happy it made him.....
it touched my heart and the kids were thrilled!
all in all, we had great weather and a very successful day.  
all of the chaos from the day before i preparation for the sale was well worth the happiness we all felt at the end of the day.


Musings Of A Gem said...

Hi Cindy,

It looks like so much fun! We don't do things like that here..wish we did!

I want some of that lemonade..yummy : )

Gemma xXxXx

elisabeth said...

Awww, the kind acts from those 2 people are touching. I had a man do that for me when I was little. I was buying my mom some tea towels at Kmart. I didn't have enough money and so the man ahead of me (who hadn't left yet) gave the difference. I've never forgotten that.

Meg from Megs A Mommy! said...

MMM those cupcakes looked delicious!! Darnit, I should have stopped by! (I had a BBQ that day though :/)

Rachel said...

I am just dying at the 3-year old salesgirl! I would not be able to say no to that utter adorableness either! :)

Inspired by you said...

Glad the kids sold out of cupcakes. Thanks for dropping by and checking out my little $2 table. Also, thanks for the tip about sanding.

Unknown said...

U know how much I love cupcakes!! YUM! Jackie

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