Sunday, December 5, 2010

has it been almost a month already???

i have been busier than i realized lately.  the holidays have begun to overwhelm me a little with my work schedule which has been ungodly lately.  we hosted thanksgiving this year (well, i have it every year) and we did get a lot of our christmas shopping done on black friday weekend (whew)
however, it seems like i've been slacking but really, i've been busy
with this sweet pumpkin who recently turned 

and is now a big sister to this beauty
one week old 
who just didn't want to sleep for me
so i'm going back this week to try and get some sleepy baby shots.

the following weekend, we were lucky enough to snag the last really nice sort of warm weekend of autumn and i got to get pictures of this beautiful family

i took pictures of baby stella when she was just two weeks old (scroll down to the end of the post) and weighed just over 5 lbs. 

she is just over 9 lbs now and such a beautiful baby girl...
as is her big sister
lovely lily
who looks just like her mama, doesn't she?
she loves her baby sister.

 i guess stella's outfit is popular because a couple of weeks later

this little beauty
 had the same outfit on....
 i took one year pictures of baby remi in may.  if it is possible, she is even more beautiful.
 her mama and daddy wanted some christmas card pictures 
and even though it was cold out, it was sunny and nice enough to get some pictures outdoors too..
 when i read krista's blog i found out that they had infertility issues and that getting pregnant for remi was a very hard fought battle. but i think they won the war... 

and got the grand prize!!!

i'll post soon about our christmas decor.


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