Monday, December 13, 2010

early christmas presents.....

don's parents came over this past weekend to bring christmas presents for us.  
we are hosting christmas eve this year and they are doing the same
at their house.  so they came over on saturday to give austen (and us) christmas presents...
austen is in pig heaven.   new chuck taylor converse and call of duty black ops.....seriously, i thought he was going to hyperventilate when he opened that game....

(i really need to learn how to use the video feature on my camera.....)

he was excited about his shoes too. his grandma got him the same shoes last year
but he outgrew them....
little does he know that we wear the same size now.
we wear the same size.......
which means...
 mama's got a new pair of shoes!!!
 sorry bubba....
thanks grandma!!!!


Privet and Holly said...

Hi Cindy! I signed
up to follow you, but
nothing came through,
so I just added you to
my Google Reader. I had
to smile because I have
a son who just got Black
Ops for his b-day last
month and my-oh-my, do
he and his friends love it!
AND, I just discovered that
he and I also share the same
shoe size....but he isn't
a converse man {darn}. Cute
pics and THANK YOU again for
all of your camera advice!
Happy Tuesday,
xx Suzanne

Musings Of A Gem said...

Hi Cindy!! Ooh I couldn't help but laugh at this post...I love BOTH of your new shoes!! Heehee!!

Gemma x

Janean said...

i thought, *momma needs a new pair of shoes* LOL. oh, i'm giggling!!!!!

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