Monday, December 6, 2010

it was a good day at the goodwill

i don't always have good luck at the goodwill.  there are two or three in the area and i usually hit them up a couple of times a month.
i hit the proverbial jackpot this weekend.
while walking around, i heard my name being called from two aisles over.
these ornaments were sitting on the shelf all by themselves.  i saw them when i turned the corner and nearly choked on my own saliva when i sucked my breath in as i saw them. i snatched them up so fast, i almost broke one. how's that for a dollar??
....could those colors be any more luscious?  they have a great patina on them too.
see the bowl that they are in?
this is what it looked like when i bought it
it had pretty cut crystal but a nasty case of the grim!!!  (tarnish) 
five minutes with the silver polish and i got this...
two dollars!!!
the candle holder seen here was a pervious purchase from goodwill 
 but a little elbow grease and we have 
not the greatest picture but they were taken at night.  you can see it better in this picture
i found this sleigh for 2.49 and planned on painting it heirloom white (my favorite spray paint)
but when i put santa and his little angel inside i knew that the heirloom white will have to wait for another project.  the santa with the angel on his shoulder was a christmas gift from my mom when we had our stillborn baby girl 16 years ago.  i treasure it.
the driftwood santa was bought at a craft fair years and years ago.  he's pretty cool isn't he?

but my favorite bargain piece....
sexy little french number.  
i was so excited to get it transformed that i started sanding it before i took a picture of it.
that is sandpaper on top of it... 
i know, our basement floor is gross..but it has seen a lot of projects over the years.
i love the handle, and the curved feet and her pretty lines.  once it's done, it will look great next to 
the goodwill sofa...
and yes, that is a drop cloth on the armchair on the right.  don decided that i knew how to reupholster furniture and he ripped most of the fabric off of the chair.
well, i don't know how to reupholster furniture 
so it has a home depot drop cloth covering it.  one of these days, we will take it to someone who knows what they are doing and have it redone.  
even the christmas tree got a makeover.  i hacked off most of the branches because it was too full.  i didn't finish at the bottom because someone (and i won't mention any names, don) started freaking out and thought there wouldn't be any branches left to hang ornaments on.  but i like it!!


Musings Of A Gem said...

Hello! Wow what bargains!!! Looking forward to seeing what you do with the Sideboard make-over!!!

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