Thursday, December 9, 2010

more thrift store coolness.....

i hit the salvation army store yesterday in another part of town, one that i have never been to before.  it was a really nice store and very nicely organized.  
this, however, was sitting haphazardly on a table in the furniture section.
 it is kind of hard to see, but there are three layers to this picture.  the part of the drawing with the white paint on the tree is on the paper backing.  there are then two layers of glass, each with separate parts of the picture drawn on them.  it is really very unique.  in fact, when i brought it up to the counter to pay for it the clerk fell in love with it.  so did i, so i wasn't giving it back because i could tell that she really wanted it.  
the gold frame is not really my style so a couple of strokes with a paint brush, and..... 
here it is.  the frame size is 12 x 14 and the print size is 5 x 7.  the artist hand signed the piece (#245/350).  not bad for $6.99.  it is more than i usually pay for anything at a thrift store but it is so unique that i had to have it.  
more thrift store finds to come.......

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