Sunday, July 18, 2010

another busy couple of weeks.....

lots and lots of this

which was played on the west side of the state in grand haven, michigan.  what a gorgeous town.  
there was a beautiful beach where austen and i walked the boardwalk, 
and got ice cream 

after his games on saturday...

we left friday and got home today.  
wow, since july 6th, austen has played in two baseball tournaments and had two regular season games for a total of 12 games in 12 days.
i am about baseballed out!!  
but we had fun. but we also had a very scary day too. 
 on the way back to the hotel after first game yesterday, one of austen's coaches and his son were involved in an auto accident.  the coach had 5 broken ribs and  a concussion and austen's teammate had a slight concussion.  he was t-boned while turning onto a main road.  thank goodness for side crash airbags.  his injuries would probably have been much worse.  
we are all praying for a speedy recovery and i hope you will say a few prayers for them too!!  

i also was lucky enough to take pictures of two beautiful baby girls...

this one, baby j
who was just 5 days old...
isn't she darling?? she was close to nine pounds!!

and this one, baby s
who was two weeks old but just over 5 pounds.
and so very precious...

needless to say, there really hasn't been too much time to blog.  

but baseball will be over in a week since austen's last tournament is next weekend.  
hopefully i will be back to regular posting by then....please be patient.


Cecelia---Sis---Mom said...

Great baseball photos!!! WOW!! Love them. Austen is such a handsome young man. Congrats to him on his playing. I will praying for his Coach and teammate.

The baby pictures are adorable. So soft and sweet.

Have a great day.


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