Sunday, July 25, 2010

unemployment, the finale....

well, i've been afraid to say anything, especially after the first disaster with don's job situation....

he has a job.  a JOB!!
for real this time..
he starts his third week tomorrow.  

so i am hoping that the precautionary waiting period is over with. and that it's for real this time.  
he is working for the state of michigan in lansing.
it's an hour away........which sucks.....
but it is a job.  with fantabulous benefits!!!
and a three year jump on being vested.  because he is a veteran of the military
he is vested after 3 years instead of waiting 6 years.

the drive is long but i have him set up with harry potter books on cd and this has made a huge difference there and back.  it really makes the time go by faster.

so for now, all is good!!

i want to thank everyone for all of your thoughts and prayers for us.
you rock!!!


Janean said...

woooohoooo! God is good. very happy for you and your family.

Musings Of A Gem said...

Yay!!! I'm really happy to hear your news...Well done : D

Gemma x

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