Monday, February 7, 2011

laundry room redo....

(scroll down to see 14 days of valentine)
i started with a dark laundry room.
 it worked at the time because the rest of the house was painted in similar tones
i knew i wanted something lighter and brighter.
i didn't get a picture of the light fixture but can you say "builder's grade crap???" that, paired with the dark paint on the walls really made it depressing to do laundry.
and i like to do laundry.
sooooo, i knew needed to do this on the cheap or hubby was going to have a cow...
i had a gallon of oops paint ($5.00, yup, five dollars) that was a very light cream.  i knew i wanted a nice aqua/turquoise theme.
since home depot does not re-tint oops paint, i had to get creative.  i bought a tester paint in the darkest turquoise i could have tinted and mixed it myself.  it was a really green turquoise so i added some dark blue craft paint that i already had in the house, mixed it in and got the tone i wanted but it was still too dark.  so i foraged around in the basement and i found a can of white paint
and added some of that to lighten and brighten it up. 
it took a lot of mixing and trying out on the wall, but i finally had the right recipe for the paint.
 i had don move a light fixture from another room to the laundry,
 isn't she pretty?  much brighter than the old builders grade crap.  
 i took some pictures of the blue mason jars that i love, printed them off and made some artwork for the room. 
 i framed them in a frame that i painted a while back but never used...
 i added a shelf that i had in the basement (free, score!) to hold some pretty accessories. 
 i decided to add a board and batten ($20.00 for the wood) effect to the garage wall so i could hang hooks for keys, bags and purses.  i followed kate's instructions here at censational girl and couldn't believe how easy it really was. masking tape helped hold the boards in place while i measured the spacing of the boards. 
i found hooks at hobby lobby and spray painted them with an oil rubbed bronze finish for some contrast. 
 there is a bulletin board on the opposite wall. i'm not sure what i'm going to do with that yet, the wall just needed something...
sigh, i love it....
nice and fresh and clean....
and it makes doing laundry so much nicer.

i added the faux roman shade that i made....
i really love how it turned out,

but the reality of the room is that it is a pass through from the garage into the house to the kitchen.  it is a very small room, about 8' x 6' so there isn't really room to have a proper mud room. 
 it has to serve duty as a coat closet,   
a place for a laundry hamper
a home for my purse and keys and shoe/boot storage...
and because we enter from the garage, i really can't put a pretty/light colored rug in here, so the old one will have to stay.
so my pretty room has to do triple duty.
but it is so much better to be in than it was before.

edited to add: the tutorial for the faux fixed roman shade from kate at centsational girl is 

instead of attaching the non-working shade directly to the wall as she did, i screwed tiny i-screws into the top and hung the shade from cup hooks screwed into the ceiling.
the light fixture from lowes
was spray painted with heirloom white paint.  the glass bowl of the fixture was an icky yellow color. while i was washing the bowl,  i noticed that the yellow was peeling off.  i used a steel wool pad to remove the yellow coloring which just seemed to be some kind of coating. 
unfortunately, i was like a mad scientist in the lab with how i mixed up the paint using what i had on hand, and i will go to home depot in the next few days to see if i can color match with what they have.  

okay, so here is the scoop on the paint color......i went to home depot and had them color match the paint splashed paper covering of the paint can with their computer.  this is what the computer printed out...
 i then went over to the paint cards and this is the closest that i could com to the color.  the raggedy little piece of paper is the actual paint from the paint can label.  because i used behr paint, the computer sticker is just based on behr paint.  
the paint guy told me that the formula would be different for different brands of paint.  

if anyone is interested, i can go back and have them color match with the computer for the martha stewart or glidden paint as well.  
the americana craft pain in spa blue (DA277) was a pretty close match too, however, when i looked it up on the website, the color was nowhere near what it looked like in real life.  i got the americana craft paint at hobby lobby. 

*****roman shade fabric update*****
i went back to jo-ann fabrics to see if i could find out any information regarding the fabric.  
unfortunately, there was no identifying information on the fabric itself.  
the cardboard that the fabric was wrapped in stated that it was 
vff outdoor fabric with a sku # of 961-7317.  it was $6.00 a yard but this was a clearance price.
****sorry, there was no other information****

total cost of the redo?
less than $50.00, and that includes paint, wood for the board and batten, fabric for the roman shade and hooks for the wall.  everything else was repurposed, material on hand and decor that i shopped for in other rooms in the house.
i did it all myself (other than don helping with the nail gun, which i'm ashamed to say, scared the crap out of me) and helping hold the shelf while i screwed the brackets into place.
i think i did alright.....

linking up at thrifty decor chick


Blessed Mommy of 2 said...

Wow, that looks great! All of it..the paint, the new art, board and batten, and the new light :o)

Nicole said...

It is gorgeous! You have inspired me to get the ball rolling on my laundry room redo!

Alicia said...

It's beautiful. I especially love the wall hooks and the drapes. =) I would never want to leave the room.

Krista said...

it's beautiful!!! i've always wanted a pretty laundry room. i'm a bit jealous, i might add! :)

Diann said...

Okay, if it is possible to LOVE a laundry room, then I definitely LOVE yours! It turned out really lovely! love every detail you did and doing it for such a great price! You should be quite proud of yourself. I know I am!

Helena said...

Wow! It all looks great. Fancy! I love the color.

Kristen. Jason. Sofie said...

i love it! great job! where did that darling chandelier come from??

Mallory said...

WOW! That looks amazing! You did a fabulous job! New follower :)

Kim @ Second Time Furniture said...

Oh my heck! That has to be one of the prettiest laundry rooms I've ever seen! Really! No, it is THE prettiest! Everything is just lovely!

Orange it Lovely said...

wow.. WOW! I am in love with this room. Seriously gorgeous!

Sew-Over-It said...

Found your link from the Before/After link party. I am having some serious laundry room envy!!! Wow, can I come do my laundry at your place? I'd pay! ;)
Great job!!

Jena @ Involving Color said...

Cindy, wow, I LOVE your laundry room! Great job! So glad I came across your blog. I'm a new follower.

Pine Tree Home said...

Don't you just smile every time you go to do some laundry. I just redid mine and can't even believe how I am always caught up on laundry. I like your idea of mixing your own paint. I'm going to have to try that.

Comeca Jones said...

I am now a follower ! All on the count of this laundry room!!!! I love it Great job I will be back to see more !

Centsational Girl said...

AB.SOOOOO.LUTELY GORGEOUS!!! Oh my, you've set the bar high for laundry rooms that follow! I love it all, the paint, the glam chandy, the B&B, you rocked it girl!!!



Jeannetta said...

Excuse me, I'm new here...did you say you LIKE to do laundry? Please come do mine :D
The room looks excellent!

Julie said... it love are amazing...julie

Kim @ Starshine Chic said...

It turned out fabulous! And such a deal. Makes me love it even more.

Kimpossible said...

I LOVE THIS!!!! I really like that white wall you did!!! The whole room looks fabulous!!!

Creative Escapes said...

wow wow wow!!! This is UNREAL!!!!! I love love love it!

Kacey said...

Beautiful and fresh! Love that color!

Claire said...

So very beautiful-love the color you created-you could get a job as a chemist!!

Heather@The Black's Best said...

I love your laundry room. The blue you mixed is beautiful and the chandelier, window treatment, and accessories make it!

Green Door Girl said...

Love it - looks awesome! I just love the blue - the room looks beautiful - if a laundry room can be beautiful - this is it!

Maryann @ Domestically-Speaking said...

LOVE it all... great color combination... so refreshing. I'm putting it in the PoPP Spotlight.

Sarah said...

I've been looking for a turquoise like that, but I guess there is no way to find it since you made it up!! Very talented! It's beautiful!

laxsupermom said...

Love the makeover! It's so gorgeous! I'm bookmarking this for my laundry room inspiration file for when I someday tackle that room. Thanks for sharing.

Terry said...

Your laundry room is tiny like mine and I think your makeover is fantastic. My two favorites are the photos turned art and the wall with the batten boards and hooks. The whole room just makes you want to do laundry just to be in there. Hop over to my blog for my pillow giveaway.

Taylor said...

I think it's awesome! Beautiful color, and "custom" too, lol :) I love your roman shade, the lighting, the whole room!

Backwoods Cottage Pam said...

This looks wonderful. Makes doing your laundry even more enjoyable, I am sure. I love the photographs of the blue mason jars!

Chardawneh said...

Gorgeous colour! I am curious if you have a tutorial for your faux roman shades?

Stephanie @ AHomeWest said...

Holy. Highness. You should slap a name on that color and sell it to a paint company--seriously. Chandelier in a laundry room--awesome. It all looks absolutely amazing!

And I have a silly question: where did you get that 3-section laundry sorter? It looks more sturdy than some I've seen--and I need one. :)

Kim said...

so beautiful!! I too would love to know where that lovely little chandelier came from! What a nice thing to look at in a laundry room...

Judy said...

Great!!! Love the detail of the laundry re-do.. Could you possible write a tutorial on the faux roman shades?

Jasmine said...

Love it! I have a laundry room in the similar shape and would like to re-do. Thanks for the inspiration!

Martha said...

All I can say is WOW!! Gorgeous and very nicely done!

Laurie Jones said...

This turned out amazing! I love everything about it! You did an amazing job! You're so talented!

Bonnie said...

wow, I'd want to do laundry too if I had that room! I love the color and the story how you got there! I wish however, I knew the paint color so I could match, it is beautiful!

Dre said...

So jealous! I would LOVE doing laundry in that room... and drinking coffee in that room... and reading a book in that room...

Elizabeth said...

OMG! This is gorgeous - I LOVE THIS LAUNDRY. Beautiful colours and the chandi is to die for. Can I come do my washing at your place??!! (Found you through Better After).

texasdaisey said...

That turned out gorgeous girl! What is it about that color? It still makes me squeal with delight!

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

i hate doing laundry. but in that room, i could do laundry all day!

Kristin @ My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia said...

I'm so glad you linked up, this is one fabulous laundry room! When you finish all your's you can finish mine :)

Every Day Blessings said...

I love it! Perfect, you are giving me inspiration for my laundry room!Way to go girl, and that nail gun would probably scare me too!:)

Glenda @ Magnolia Bend Drive said...

I think your laundry room looks amazing!

Papi and Wee Granny said...

Aww, YEAH! Beautiful. My upstairs bathroom was that color. Hubs never liked it. When we remodeled the shower, I painted it a deep gold. He loves it, I'm...meh.
Also, I have that same chandelier which I spray painted gold, but I love your white treatment. So glad to find out I can scrub away that dirty yellow of the bowl. I am SO painting mine white!

Denise at PinkPostcard. said...

really beautiful- love the color! My favorite! I have a very similar layout to our laundry room, but we have a sink under the window. Great job!

Judy said...

I'm in love with your laundry room makeover. I am about to start my mudroom/laundry room makeover as well and am doing Kate's board and batten treatment too. I'm so glad to hear that it's going to be easy. I saw your room featured on Finding Fabulous...and it really is a fabulous transformation. I am your latest follower. I would love for you to come and check out my blog and follow me back. Thanks so much.

aggieam01 said...

This is THE most beautiful laundry room I have ever seen! So fresh and peaceful. Amazing!

Ms. Bake-it said...

Hello Cindy,

I came by way of Jane at finding Fabulous. I just had to come over to tell you how much I love your laundry room makeover! It is fabulous! I am so glad you took the time to have the paint matched because I absolutely love the color. I too felt like a mad scientist when I created the color for the bay window alcove in my kitchen and for my guest bathroom. I still need to take paint samples from each and have it matched for me. I also really like the mason jar photos you took and framed. I am so jealous of all the mud rooms / laundry rooms that have the chandeliers hanging in them. The ceiling in mine is too low for one. Would you mind telling me where you found the fabric and the name of the pattern you used for your shade? My home is done in varying shades of turquoise and brown and that pattern would be perfect in my guest room.

~ Tracy

Ann said...

So so soooo awesome. I am painting daughter's room this color pronto! I love how it opened up the room and added light. Its great. Thanks for supplying the color name too. Good job!!! Bravo!

Judy said...

I am so glad you stopped by and linked up this awesome post to my party. I am planning on starting my mudroom renovation tomorrow. I noticed that it doesn't look like you changed out your base molding when you did the board and batten. Am I seeing that right? Could you e-mail me or leave me a comment and let me know - also exactly what size wood you used (or MDF). Thanks. I going to buy the supplies in the next couple of days. Thanks so much.

Jaime said...

I'm bringing all my laundry to your house! I love this it looks awesome and the cute little chandy makes the room!

Judy said...

I featured your awesome laundry room redo today on my blog (from the party last week). Please stop by and pick up your "I've been featured" button. Thanks. Hope you join the party again.

At The Picket Fence said...

fantabulous! I seriously could do some major damage to laundry in this room. Even better is how frugally you did my kind of gal! Great job, you should be proud!

Heather @At The Picket Fence

Sonya@Beyond the Screen Door said...

I love this transformation! Such a clever way to get the color you wanted with the mixture of old and new! You really did an amazing job!

lisaroyhandbags said...

It looks so pretty! I've been thinking of painting my laundry room this shade and I definitely will - it's so fresh and of course, a chandelier is a must! :)

JoDee said...

Wow!! Love love love!!! The paint color is awesome, and I love the board and batten! Great job!

Laura said...

I LOVE the colors! It reminds me of my daughter's bathroom, which I painted Benjamin Moore's "Nantucket Fog." Only my shade is just a little deeper in color.

Megan said...

My guest room is painted with Behr's Rivers Edge, which I was sure you had used until I saw that you tinted it yourself. It's a beautiful color!

notanemptyroom said...

Found you from Inspired Room and I must say...impressive! Love that hand mixed color and the roman shade. It must be a joy to walk into the house now and see this room, even if it has to do triple duty!

Julia said...

A chandelier. Brilliant! I l.o.v.e. this room. You must do laundry nonstop now :) Lovely.

Jenny said...

Gorgeous laundry room! My bathroom is a similar color and I just love it. You're making me want to paint my laundry room now. said...

Thank you for linking up this great post last week! {Im a lil behind, eeekk!}

Its party time AGAIN!!! xoxokara


Ok! You have made a BLUE believer out of me! I am in LOVE with this! And the Chandie...PERFECTION!

Kimba said...

GIRL! That is one seriously beautiful laundry room. I'm totally inspired!

The Whimsical Wife said...

Hi dropping in from the whimsical wife! I love what you have done with the laundry room! I adore the chandelier! Great job!

Marie~Window Designs Etc. said...

Hi Cindy,
This is my first time here and all I can say is WOW!
Photographer or decorator???
I love this laundry room.
I can't wait to explore some of your older posts.
Have a BEAUTIFUL day!

ps-Erin sent me:)

Tori @ said...

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!

JCHokie said...

Hi, I LOVE how your laundry room turned out! I absolutely love the color and I'm going to use it for my laundry room too! Thank you for the inspiration!!!

JCHokie said...

Also I wanted to add, I'm going to post a pic of your laundry room to my blog. I really hope that is ok with you as I would love to share your gorgeous laundry room! Please let me know if this is not OK with you and I'll remove it. jchokie79 at gmail dot com. Thanks again!

Connect the Dots Sewing Spot said...

I love your laundry room makeover! Since I need to do mine, maybe I'll just paint it your color matched shade. Blue is my favorite color anyway! I'm envious that you have a window in your laundry room though, LOL!

Jenn Possible said...

YOU are pure and total GENIUS for putting a chandelier in your laundry room! GEN-IUS!

And please please PLEEEEeeeASE share where you got it...cause it's SPECTACULAR and I can think of nothing else except that I must have one for my bedroom.

Really, you're laundry room is simply gorgeous.

Teri said...

GOOD GRIEF you are so amazing!!!!! I felt my heart skip a beat when I looked at your entire tutorial!!! I would love to know what name of the paint color is that they come up with!!! So.... in... love... with it! You should definitely feel proud of this beauty! FYI, staple guns are scary. (new follower as of today!)

Michelle said...

I love the colour of this room it makes me want to come over right now and do your washing! Seriously it must be a joy to do housework now ;)

Jan's camera said...

Fabulous job on this room. It is gorgeous. I love your photos. I just love the detail on that frame. Can I ask where you got that great frame?

jeanette said...

looks beautiful! I love the Ball Jar idea for the fabric softener sheets etc...I had just bought some of those jars off Etsy, really not knowing what I'd do with them yet....we're about to move into a new house. So, you inspired me! glad to have found your blog...
i have one here, if you care to following along too:

I promise to write new posts about our new house and the ideas we've created, after we finish our move!
Happy Mom's Day..

carol said...

Wow! Now I'm inspired! Absolutely gorgeous!

Becky C said...

Wow! Love the light fixture in white! It looks so cute in your laundry room :) I guess for now mine will have to stay the old way...if I told the Mr. to take it down so I could paint it, he'd kill me LOL! Thanks for sharing this with me Cindy.
Becky C
Buckets of Burlap

Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

Oh my! I love this laundry room. I'd give anything for a room like this. Love the color. I'm thinking of painting my bedroom this color. But I love everything you did in here....especially painting that light fixture. I've seen that fixture at Lowe's and admired it except for the color. The board and batten wall looks so great too. Fantastic job you did. Thanks so much for linking up at my Mod Mix Monday!

mariondee-designs said...

I think everyone has pretty much said it but I'll say it anyway.. OMG!! it's absolutely awesome.. so pretty and what a great transformation! I love it! take care, Maryann

Colleen said...

This is gorgeous!!! We have ours in a closet so I am super jealous of this space. love it!

Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

Love your laundry room. I featured it today over at Mod Vintage Life!

KBW said...

Gorgeous! So inspiring and thanks for the link to the batten board tutorial.

KBW said...

Gorgeous and so inspiring!

Compact Digital Cameras said...

Valuable information and excellent design you got here! I would like to thank you for sharing your thoughts and time into the stuff you post!! Thumbs up

Bethany Cermak said...

This room looks so great. I wish I wasn't so afraid of color. I love the rooms in my house that are colorful but the owner we are renting from is the one who painted them. Seriously everything in the room looks great!

~ Bethany

PMG Smith Family said...

This is the most amazing laundry space I have ever seen. I came across a picture on pinterest and fell in love! It has definitely inspired me to makeover my laundry room. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi! Just wanted to let you know that I found a picture of your laundry room re-do on Pinterest and it totally inspired me.
I have already completed my laundry room makeover with board & batten and new paint. I couldn't wait! Now I just need to take some time to find the perfect decor accents.
Thanks for the inspiration :)

brettszy said...

I found your laundry room Pinterest. I love, love, love it!! I was just at Home Depot yesterday trying to march the paint color using the picture of your room on my phone. Glad I checked the blog today and see you did a color match! I am heading back to Home Depot tomorrow to get the right color. I am so excited!! I think our laundry space is exactly the same. I hope I my redo turns out as beautiful as yours!

Annie said...

I love your laundry room. We're in the middle of our laundry room/guest bathroom remodel and I'm still surfing the internet for more inspiration. Mainly I love seeing the finished product! Congrats!

Jae said...

this is beautiful. great color choice. i just redid my laundry room too and you are right - it makes being in there so much better!

Western Warmth said...

I am looking all over for a chandalier like this for my dining room. I am basing my entire kitchen design of the home we're building, on your laundry room! I found the picture on pintrest. If you don't mind sharing with me where I might find this type of chandelier, you can email me at westernwarmth (at) gmail. Thanks!

michelle said...

It is Lovely
was wonder what white you used??? The choices are sooo many.

~Amy said...

Found you on Pinterest! LOVE your laundry room! Thanks you for sharing! My husband is on his way to Home Depot right now for a paint sample! Where did you get the chandelier?! Looks like your from Michigan! we're in Oxford :)

Joni said...

That is the perfect laundry room!!! Any way you can match the color to valspar paint? Thanks!!!

Kelly @ Corner of Main said...

Wow! How beautiful =) I am going to feature this on my blog...with links back of course!

Darla said...

Ok ... I'm confused on the paint. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it and am just about to paint my laundry. Do I go to Home Depot and show them this Behr label and that will be the color or do I have to add the Americana paint to it or do I just buy the color that is on the paint chip card? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I painted my laundry room/half bath addition room the same color - love your style and the shelf above the washer/dryer!
Keep those pictures coming!

KymzDaShiz said...

I LOVE this laundry room! So much so - my husband and I just finished redoing ours to look exactly like this. I call it our "project room". This was the smallest room in the house to revamp and everything had to be done. New flooring, new door, doorjamb, trim, cabinet hardware, painting (both cabinet & walls), new baseboards, shelving and of course the beautiful board & batten. Im still trying to find the perfect light fixture. I figured if we can do it in this room and have it come out good - then we can start tackling larger rooms in the house. It came out FANTASTIC! THANK YOU so much for sharing your beautiful laundry room! What an inspiration this has been.

Natural as can be said...

I love it!! You have totally inspired me to get my butt in gear and do something with my laundry room which is also doing triple duty of office and storage. Great Job!!!

Daisy C.Ponder said...

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Lynn said...

I absolutely love this, I am guna change my laundry room now!lol

Tena said...

Where did you get that chandelier?! I'm in love with it and your laundry roon! Please let me know. Dokey2008@

Star said...

As you have heard so many times over - "awesome job!". I am in search for the chandelier and do not see it available on Lowes website. What is the brand/maker of the chandelier? This might help me, thanks!

N-JO said...

I think the chandelier was made specifically for Lowe's, it's sort of a copy of some more expensive ones I've seen in other places. I bought one very similar, because the Portfolio Ella model at Lowe's is discontinued by them. I found one by browsing the chandeliers at Found one with bowl and one without. I bought the one without. The one with, which is very similar to this one, if not exactly like it, is almost $400. There is a larger version of the one here still online at Lowe's, I believe it's a 6 light version.

N-JO said...

and by the way, I saw this on Pinterest on Friday, painted and put in new flooring on Saturday and Sunday -- and now my laundry room/pantry has been renovated -- new built-in white pantry shelves, aqua walls, awaiting chandelier. I won't do fancier decorative stuff like roman shade, just a white wooden slat blind. My room is at least 2 times this size, with the window in the pantry area not the laundry, and it can't be as pristine with full floor to ceiling shelves, but it sure looks prettier than it did!

N-JO said...

Similar, if not identical style chandelier, savoy house brand savoy-house-1-4505-4-crystal-6-light-mini-chandelier

Do a google search for it. I don't want to insert link from store, don't want to do something I shouldn't. I compared pics of it side by side with this blogger's repainted one that has been discontinued from Lowes.

Mew said...

Wow it's beautiful!! My laundry room is similar to yours. I can't wait to try this! Thanks for sharing all the details. I was trying to match the color with my color chart and I wasn't quite there. Now I can get pretty much the same color! Thanks again and I'll let you know how it goes :)
Mary Ellen

Mew said...

Wow it's beautiful!! My laundry room is similar to yours. I can't wait to try this! Thanks for sharing all the details. I was trying to match the color with my color chart and I wasn't quite there. Now I can get pretty much the same color! Thanks again and I'll let you know how it goes :)
Mary Ellen

sfarley said...

Thank you for posting this. My laundry room is the exact same layout so I'm copying. You can still order the chandelier at but you have to have it shipped to your house.

Waseem said...

The laundry room is just perfect..I can't imagine how beautiful it is...
Roman shades concord, ca

Waseem said...

The laundry room is just perfect..I can't imagine how beautiful it is...
Roman shades concord, ca

N-JO said...

Actually, no it is not available at Lowes, though it still shows up there. Not even for truck or home delivery (I tried, even called corporate offices) I did find an exact style and provided links. Though, since my fixture hangs over the laundry room fridge, I couldn't keep it, I returned it because everyeone would have bumped their head on it getting a drink at parties from the drinks fridge. And making those crystals in a circle would have been a nightmare anyway! But has this same fixture. Lowes doesn't (as of May 20, 2012)

N-JO said...

*masking, not "making"!

Seema said...

OMG I love this so much! I did our garage over like this and never thought to bring it in to the icky laundry room! Am on it now! Thank you! #LoveTheChandelier xx

Roxanne said...

So So So excited about finding your cute blog on Pinterest. Someone pinned your laundry room and I am looking to redo my laundry room and the blue you used is the exact color I am looking for! Thank you for inspiring me and I would like to repost your post on my blog to give you credit for my inspiration!

Heather @ Raising Memories Blog said...

This is gorgeous! my mom was totally inspired by your post, and used it as inspiration for her laundry room makeover! I've posted photos here: Thanks for sharing this! :)

Anonymous said...

Love, love, love it. I am going to paint my laundry room a similar color and have a happy place to do my laundry too. I always wanted this color in my home, but couldn't figure out where. Thanks for the inspiration.

Mellissa Rose said...

Thank you for taking the time to color match that paint. I am in LOVE with the color. I found you on a Pinterest board and clicked into your photo hoping it wasn't a custom color. I use Behr paint and will be able to hopefully convince the hubby that we need to re-do our laundry room. Ours is currently lime green with black & white flooring and accents. Perhaps if I promise to do it myself? ;)

Alex cox said...

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful!! This is exactly the color I have been searching for, for my laundry room. Thank you for the great ideas!!

Cindy said...

Thanks, Cindy (from a fellow Cindy)! When I came across photos of your laundry room on Pinterest, I fell in love with the paint color for my own laundry room. Thank you a thousand times over for sharing your beautiful creation.

Mellissa Rose said...

I posted back in the summertime. We are finally ready to paint and am THRILLED to announce my hubby said "yes" to the color. Yippee! :) Thanks again for posting the Behr code.

Lisa said...

You need a nice bright room in order to do Landry. This helps you be motivated enough to do it.

Chic said...

I can't thank you enough. I just purchased my first home and I've been so overwhelmed with how to "personalize". I saw your blog and I fell in love!!

You're such an inspiration to me - someone who has never dabbled in home improvement or creative stuff like this.

I sorry I'm such a copy cat, but I just painted (for the first time!) the laundry room an almost identical shade to yours and I was able to find your light fixture at the Lowes Canada website!

I'm going to tackle the roman shade with your instructions next and after that, how to spray paint the fixture and make it look as gorgeous as yours.

Wow, I just ran on and on, lol.. but I just want you to know that I've poured over your posts and I think you are so talented and creative.

Thank you, thank you again for making me LOVE my laundry room!

Wallpapers said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I am in love with your Laundry Room. I went to Home Depot to get the paint but was told the info on the color match is no longer valid. Something about the base color has changed since 2-2011. I was pretty bummed. I was wondering if you could tell me which color is the closest between the Behr's Rivers Edge or Americana Spa blue? Or if you ever did a color match with any other brand? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Your Redo ROCKS!! Thanks -Gail

Anonymous said...

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Mary-Alice said...

Oh my gosh.....I couldn't decide what color to paint my laundry room. A friend found a picture of your laundry room pinned on Pinterest. She showed it to me. LOVE at first sight. I am an excellent detective and thru just clicking away I was able to finally find your site. I printed out the info for my contractor and he went to Sherwin Williams and they knew exactly the color we wanted. Had it made up and the paint is drying. LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Your room is gorgeous and much bigger than mine so I can't be as creative but still love it all the same. THANK YOU!!!!

james wilson said...

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nowwiser2 said...

I love, love, love this look! ..also loving your picture!

Lor said...

I was looking for storage ideas on HOUZZ for my small laundry room, and when I came across your picture I just loved what you did. My husband probably would not like the light fixture, but it certainly makes the room!! Good job ;)

anna said...

I did something similar to your washroom. I think mine space is smaller than yours I had mine painted by a pro because I was getting other rooms painted I have a door leading to a small patio where you have a window I used Benjamin Moore paint. Blue) no shelf, no cabinet. I have a hanging rod and shutter doors leading into the Kitchen.would love a cabinet and to add wains codeing

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Thank you, Sharon Cheaney

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Parrontof4 said...

I just took your paint label into home depot and they can't match it anymore. Apparently changed their tinting system to use 0VOC tints and can't do a conversion. .. I'm so sad. ..

Stéphane Thirion said...

Thank you very much for your explanations

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