Tuesday, February 1, 2011

ten on tuesday....

(scroll down to see 14 days of valentine)
after reading suzanne's blog i was inspired to post ten random pictures every tuesday

we are expecting a huge snowstorm starting tonight. it is supposed to impact about 30 states across the nation.  they say it could be more than a foot of snow.  we haven't had that much snow in one storm in quite a few years.  
they have been wrong in the past, in fact, about 3 years ago, they predicted 8-10 inches of snow. they announced the schools closed the day before the storm, don got up an hour early for work and we got 2 inches.....
don isn't holding his breath on this one.....

have a happy tuesday.

and since it is the first day of february, i am posting 
the 14 days of valentine
one heart a day...starting here...
actually that's four hearts, but who's counting???  :)


Musings Of A Gem said...

So adorable...I really love how you capture such emotion in these pictures!!

I hope the storm doesn't come to much..keep warm!!

Gemma x

Linda said...

Loved your comment on "Two peas in a bucket" about Kelle Hampton's blog. Agree with you 100%.

I have a little girl with Down Syndrome, and I have met Kelle IRL. She is a lovely person.

I am so glad I found your blog! Love your pictures. I will be following along. And maybe I will start updating my blog more often. LOL

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