Sunday, February 13, 2011

mason jar love......

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what is the appeal?  the shape? the different styles? the color?
for me, first and foremost, it has to be the color.  
i just adore it.....
maybe it's the variations of the color

and the variations of the style...
like these crown brand jars.  i think they are canadian.
the aqua crown jars are a really cool find.  i love how the bottom of this jar is formed.
i probably should have taken a picture of how they looked when i got them.  it took me an hour to scrub them all up. but the effort was worth it.

  the man that i got them from on craigslist told me that his dad had a barn full of these.  he had packed them up after his dad died and is selling them now.  i had to pick through quite a few that were stored in his storage unit to find these treasures. and at such a great price...
i love the imperfections and bubbles in the glass

and the glass lids.  
i love to use them for decorating around the house, too.  
they look so nice in my new laundry room redo
but my very favorite thing about these jars???

using them as vases....
for the 



Kim said...

I too love old mason jars....I have several and would love to have more! I love your laundry room looks so good!!

Anonymous said...

Love the vases!! Congratulations on your flowers and your new laundry room too!

Unknown said...

i am also a tad bit obsessed with mason jars. i have the large blue ones for flour, sugar, oatmeal and rice and smaller ones for forks knives and spoons. all out on the counter top. cute AND convenient! great job on the laundry room too! i LOVE it!

Glenda @ Magnolia Bend Drive said...

Your photography is beautiful, and I also have a weakness for blue mason jars. great post.

Georgianna said...

Oh, yes, these are heaven! I think it's the color that is so appealing. And I love the Crown ones – they are Canadian and now you've reminded me I need to get some. They look wonderful in your home, Cindy! xo

Privet and Holly said...

Your laundry room
turned out GREAT!
And these jars are
wonderful. I have
an old Ball jar in
the same color that
I just love, too.
Every flower that I
stick in it looks
absolutely beautiful.
Must be something
about that special
color! Love yours
with the ROSES : )
xx Suzanne

Unknown said...

Those crown jars are so cool!!! Your laundry room makeover also turned out very pretty!

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