Monday, January 10, 2011

scenes from a weekend.....

it snowed this past weekend. really snowed....

for about 20 minutes.  

but it was beautiful.  there were a few more snow squalls throughout the day but we didn't get much measurable snow, maybe a couple of inches.
so they spent saturday morning doing this.....

 and this....(sorry babe!!!)
(the dog is locked in his cage because he is totally afraid of the vacuum cleaner)
and i went to ikea with my friend.
on sunday we changed
the laundry room walls from this 
to this.
this is the color i was going for
but it ended up looking more like this
but that's okay because i wanted these things to coordinate with the room....
i am making a faux fixed roman shade that i saw on this blog for the window.  i plan to use the ball jars on the shelf i am hanging over the washer and dryer.
i found this outdoor furniture fabric for the roman shade at joann's on clearance for $3.00 a yard.  
i need to go back and get some more because i am working on another project for an outdoor sofa and that fabric will be great for the cushions.  and cheap is good!!
the old laundry room walls were really dark and the light fixture in that room was so dim that i could hardly stand to do laundry anymore.  and i like to do laundry.  
so we are swapping out light fixtures for a really pretty crystal chandelier and i can't wait until that gets hung. 

it looks like winter is in full swing around here. 

and just for comparison.....
and august...

hurry summer!!!!


Privet and Holly said...

Wow, you have
been busy!! Your
laundry is going
to be such an
inspired place to
be! Our dog is
also freaked by
the sad.
It's fun to see
folks who normally
don't get snow
having fun with it.
We've already had
more this year than
all of last year.
Luckily, I like it : )
Happy Tuesday!
xx Suzanne

Sarah @ The Blogarista said...

What color of blue did you use? I LOVE it. I've tried to find the perfect one. I'm wanting a similar color for my laundry room.

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