Thursday, January 6, 2011

fun frame idea....

i got this 
huge frame from hobby lobby.  it was completely cracked in half on one side and was in the clearance aisle....the original price was $79.99 it was marked down to $31.97.
i hunted down the store manager because i didn't think that it was enough of a bargain because i'm used to goodwill and thrift store prices....i showed him how it was completely separated and asked him if he could do better on it and he gave it to me for 90% off.  $8.00.  8 smackeroos...
that's more like it.

i did not take a picture of this before i glued it but imagine it completely separated on the right side.
i glued it and then filled it with wood putty.
then i painted it heirloom white... 
and the crack is barely noticeable.  
after another coat of paint, i hung it in the goodwill, thrift store decor room sitting room 
and did this to it
i went into the back yard and cut a couple of branches off of a tree and stuck it into the back of the frame.  i used picture putty to hold the branch in place.  then i decided that i didn't like the branch on the right side so i changed it around...
i think it looks really organic and green.  and different!!
i like it...
i've added a dollar store bird on top of the frame 
 and a small nest made from moss...
have a great thursday....


Musings Of A Gem said...

Wow what a great've done a great job with it..I love the branch look!!

Gemma x

Privet and Holly said...

Cindy, you most
definitely have
the knack for
this....I hope
that you are able
to follow your heart
and pursue your dreams
this year. I am
sorry about your job,
but the mantra you
expressed about closed
doors is one that I
have lived by all of
my life. Loved those
cozy home pics, apron
and all! And the ones
of Austen in front of
the tree are amazing.
He reminds me so much
of my 12 year old son ~
gaming is his love, too,
and all of his buddies : )
Enjoy your peaceful and
calm house. Wishing you
nothing but joys in 2011.
Thank you for your wonderful
camera advice. You are
such a kind blogger!
xx Suzanne

Janean said...

you clever chickie!!! i liked the $$ talk-down --- $8! great deal. great project!

Anonymous said...

I adore what you've done with the empty frames! Just out of curiosity, I was wondering if when you've used Heirloom White you've noticed a lingering, sort-of ashy "off odor" emanating from it after it's dried. I've noticed it on a few pieces I've painted with that color (all different materials) and am wondering if the store I bought it from just had a weird batch of the paint or if anybody else out there has noticed an odd odor from using Heirloom White...

Lisa said...

Your quite good at negotiating. It's cute how you got it for only eight dollars.

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