Sunday, March 21, 2010

a new photography prop...

i love this.....i was perusing craigslist a few weeks ago and saw this bench.  
perfect for posing little kids or mom and baby. 

champ, however does not like his picture taken.  he jumped down and when i tried to get him back up there, he cowered with his tail between his legs...big baby!!


i procrastinated because we are really watching our spending.  really watching.  with don out of work and his severance done, we have to spend carefully.  we have been very frugal these past few months and have thankfully managed to tuck a good chunk of cash away.

don has had a few interviews and is going back tomorrow for a second interview at a company based out of howell.  he actually had one company ask him to start working for them tomorrow but it is at a significant pay (a little less than half) decrease over what he was making and they don't offer medical benefits.  he would get a company car and gas card but the job would entail a lot of travel out of state.  although it is a job, it's waaaayyyy less money so he wants to check this other opportunity first. ugh!!!  all of this really sucks.

i think we can live at much less salary than we are used to from his old job because we have made changes in our lifestyle for the past year and we are kind of used to it.  as long as we can keep our house, i think we will be okay.  we don't want to take austen out of this school district or neighborhood at this stage in his life, so we will make it work.

one of those changes includes shopping the sales and seeing what kind of bargains we can get.  that little cutie bench above was $40.00.  i love it and think it was a good price.

this ratty looking chair

is my next project. 10 bucks baby... i'm going to paint it and recover the seat in a fun, funky graphic fabric.  i'm not sure which one yet but i'm keeping my eyes open for a sale.  ah, the thrill of the hunt!

just look at the detail in the legs and this is an up close view of the back...

she will be very cute when i'm done....

i honed my skills on this piece a few weeks ago

i even did the tufting with the buttons.  all staples and fusable web ironed for the hems.

you know, frugal can be fun...

except for the not being able to spend money part... :)
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