Thursday, March 25, 2010


don started a new job today.  he has been out of work since october 1st after being forced out of general morons motors after 10 years.  his severance got us through until mid february but then unemployment had to kick in.  which doesn't pay much.  at all.  which prompted us to refinance our mortgage back to a 30 year loan.  ugh!!! we only had 8 years left until our house was paid off.


he has a JOB.

even if it is at a significantly lower salary. that's okay, because we are used to scrimping and saving.

it's a JOB. 

and i am grateful.  we all are.  especially austen who was worried that we would have to sell our house and move out of our neighborhood.

i am going to miss having him home.  he did the laundry and cleaning and cooking.  and i got this....

so much better than our builders grade flooring.  and yes, it is peel and stick genuine faux wood vinyl flooring.  it's not my real wood floor but loads better.  

and new painted walls.  no pictures of that yet.

today is a good day!!!!


Rebecca Miller said...

Yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am SO HAPPY for you! What a huge relief. I am sad for you losing the helper at home though. Nice floor.
Love you!

Cecelia---Sis---Mom said...

That is wonderful news!!! My husband, Rob, is military and just find out he can only stay around 2 more years before he HAS to get out. We are starting to worry. We thought he still had almost 5 years. He is so unhappy right now, they put him in a new job.

I hope your husband loves his new job and it makes him happy. Sorry you lose your helper though. I know how that is.

Love the flooring.


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