Wednesday, March 24, 2010

chair progress....

i have to say that furniture was very well made in the past.  however, i didn't think that there would be so many staples....and glue.  and cardboard.  the wood is a really hard wood and it was tough to get the staples out.  the ones that are still in there will be staying.  

i don't think i can get them out without damaging the chair.  i think we will have to break out the power stapler though.  i can barely get the hand stapler through plywood.

you can see how dirty and damaged the fabric is.

cardboard???   yup...cardboard.  it won't be going back in.

uh-oh!!!  missing finial..

there it is.....with more of that lovely cardboard...i will be doing some heavy duty gluing too.

replacing the padding too...gross.  the burlap has to go.  do you know that you can buy burlap by the bolt at walmart??

stained and smelly...disgusting.  

and who knew that it was being used as a spider condo?  thankfully there were no eggs or spiders in it.  i think i would have freaked.....

i'm still looking for fabric for the seat.  i think i'll get that first before i decide what color to paint the chair.  more to come later as the redo progresses.   

and just because she is so stinking cute....


Kat said...

eww. Spinder condo!!! Can't wait to see the finished product! Your photos are beautiful

Anonymous said...

The cardboard strip is standard good upholstery technique. It keeps all the folded fabric edges straight and neat. When you staple the cardboard strip along the wrong edge of the seam, you turn the main part of the fabric along it and see how neat it looks…. I Just noticed how long ago you did this chair……
I'd like to see the finished project too.

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