Thursday, May 10, 2012

babies, babies, babies...

earlier in the year i had the good fortune to take pictures of three beautiful babies.  there is just nothing like it....babies are so precious and i feel lucky that their mama's entrusted me to create these sweet memories for them.  
first up is baby maddie...three months old....
 i had not done a photo session with a 3 month old before....and i wasn't sure what to expect.  three month olds are more awake and active than the brand new ones.  i will admit that i was a little nervous about doing her shoot.  how would i pose her?  she was too young to sit up by herself, too old to lay still, and most likely too active to nap so i could get sleepy baby pictures.
i ended up just going with the flow.  and i was happy with the results...
she was the perfect age to prop up and that's just what i did.... 
i found a vintage suitcase last summer and i thought it would be perfect to prop her up in.  she was very cooperative and is adorable.
the great thing about older babies is their pudgy little bellies,  dimpled hands and beautiful bright eyes. 
i just wanted to squeeze her....and blow raspberries into that belly!!
 i got a lot of uncertain, furrowed brow looks from maddie but as long as she was in mama's arms, she was content.
she did fall asleep for a very short time so i hurried and took lots of sleepy baby pictures.

her lovely mama, megan, is the genius that created my photography website (on my sidebar) and you can contact her here if you are in need of website services....
 thank you megan, for sharing your beautiful maddie with me!!
next up is six-week-old old sophia...
i did maternity photos of her mama shortly before she was born.
baby sophia, who had slept most of the day before she got to my house, decided that she didn't want to sleep for first.
but i was lucky enough to get lots of smiles...
but not for long.....  :)
she did eventually get tired though, and despite her costume changes, i managed to get quite a few sleepy pictures.....

she is just as sweet as she can be and her mama is absolutely smitten with her.
how could you not be!!!
and last but not least, baby mila....
mila decided to make an early entrance into the world much to the surprise of her mama....
6 weeks early...
these pictures were taken when she was just 3 weeks old, and still 3 weeks from her due date....

 she was tiny, just over 5 lbs when i took her pictures
 but she was beautiful with a complexion as smooth as silk and not a blemish or blotch on her.....
just the newborn flaky skin....and with a full head of hair....
she slept almost the entire time and was just putty in my very sweet....
i want to thank all of my fantastic mamas for entrusting me with your very precious treasures....i had so much fun!!


Musings Of A Gem said...

So so sweet!!! Each and every one of them are precious.

You did a great job : )

Gemma x

Kate said...

beautiful pictures!

Judy said...

That's awesome. I wish I had done that when my kids were babies.

Fluffy said...

Such beautiful pictures! Tx

Galexi Cupcakes said...

I was thinking about you this morning. Hope you and the family plus the dog are doing well. xoxo

abyssiniancat said...

miss your posts, they're fun, genuine, full of life and beautiful pictures...
hope they're back soon...

Alex cox said...

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Jackie Hale said...

Miss you posting on the regular!!

Lisa said...

When kids are this young parents call this the golden years. This is the best time being a parent.


Musings Of A Gem said...

I hope your okay Cindy. I miss you posts. All the best!
Gemma xXx

Carrie said...

Hi Cindy! I found your blog via Pinterest.. I'm planning to paint my laundry room in the same color you used. Thanks for taking the time to get a print out of the color match from Home Depot! I was wondering what color gray you have in your living room... there are so many choices and I was curious what yours was. Its beautiful!

Carrie said...

Hi Cindy! I took the image of the Behr print out you had color matched to your laundry room to Home Depot and they said that they've changed their formula "to be less poisonous" and the color wouldn't be the same using the same numbers. Is there any chance you could get an updated one for a Quart size the next time you make a trip to Home Depot or Lowes? :) I know its been a couple of years since you did your laundry room, so I totally understand if it's not even an option.

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Deanie Canales said...

They are so cute! Beautiful images!!! Love them all!

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