Wednesday, April 18, 2012

getting more sewing done...

and i am getting way braver...i actually tried to piece a quilt block.
or a whole bunch of quilt blocks....
16 of them to be precise.  

if you are an actual quilter and you are reading this, avert your eyes right now.  
because i am no expert...
but i have to say, i am not completely unimpressed with myself.
i didn't think that I would ever be able to do something like these blocks.
even the thought of doing something like them intimidated me enough to think i could never ever pull it off.  but i have seen so many graphic and colorful quilts on pinterest and i was intrigued by them. but it took months and months to even think of attempting it.  and you know what, it wasn't that hard.  
i should have figured that part of it out just by reading the blogs of people that actually know what they are doing when they quilt.  they make lots and lots of them. and rather quickly too.  so it must not be as tedious as i thought it was.  and i was right.  it really doesn't take that long.  i made 14 of the blocks on saturday and sunday.  the most time consuming thing is cutting the fabric.  the sewing of the fabric actually goes really fast.
i am still working on how i want to put the blocks together.

this quilt was another pinterest inspiration.  all i did was sew pieces of scrap material on top of each other in a block with no rhyme or reason.  if i liked it, i sewed it on top of the last piece. 
the quilt is small, about 26 x 36 inches, so i will probably just hang it on the wall.  it's a little heavy too, because of all of the layers of fabric in each block.

i used lace, crocheted scraps and flannel along with vintage sheets and cotton fabric.
i even used a scrap of super soft fleece.  i just love the houndstooth pattern and it's so soft, i just want to pet it all of the time...
and speaking of graphic, i found a great graphic print at joann's for the backing
the edges of the fabrics were all sewn with raw edges so there are loose strings everywhere....

but i think it adds to the quirkiness of the quilt.
it's very colorful and funky.  
 i am still working on the quilts for chemo and have completed 9 of them.  i have a couple more to make and when lisa comes back to michigan in early may, we will take them to the center.  i gave one to my friend who just started her chemo treatments and she was very happy with her quilt.  she wrote me a beautiful thank you note and said that the quilt was a big hit at the chemo center and everyone commented on it.  i can't wait to deliver these.....
i really love the colors in this quilt.  it's hard to believe that they are all thrifted bedding....
this one is still in the binding stage.
each of the quilts have a tag with an inspirational quote on it.
we wanted to make some more masculine quilts for the men too.  i think that while this one doesn't scream "macho man" it's at least a little less feminine that the others that i've made...
back soon with some pictures from photo shoots that i have done recently....
little teeny tiny babies...  :D


Musings Of A Gem said...

Wow CIndy! You must have a huge stash of fabric to keep on making these gorgeous quilts! I'd love to get my hands on one of them, they are so colourful and fun.

You are doing a great job!

Gemma x

Unknown said...

Beautiful quilts!

Unknown said...

The quilts are beautiful! My mom just started her chemo treatments today and I was thinking about getting her a blanket to take with her. I love that you make quilts for people going through chemo treatments.

Rebecca Miller said...

It is like altered books or scrapbooking with fabric. It is beautiful Cindy.

Lisa said...

I love what you signed on it Cindy. I love the heart next to the writing.

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