Sunday, November 6, 2011

neighbors are such a blessing......

we have some wonderful neighbors....they have six kids and are just the greatest family i know.  since i had the girls for the weekend, they went over to their house to play on friday night.  while i was helping them clean up all of the toys, i saw the scariest toy i have seen in a while.  it was a mechanical know, one of the ones that have real looking eyes.  i commented to their mother, angie, how disturbing and creepy i thought it was.  she laughed and said that she hadn't really looked at it in detail before, but upon examining it again, agreed with me.  little did i know that the wheels were already turning in her head.

 the next night i took austen and the girls out to eat while don worked on the kitchen floor and we inadvertently had dinner at the same restaurant.  when they left before we did, angie thought that it would be the perfect opportunity to hatch their little plan.  she sent the three older boys over to my house with the monkey.......well, this is the email i sent to them today.  i think you can get the gist of the rest of the story in the email.....

From: me
Date: November 6, 2011 11:08:09 AM EST
To: them
Subject: to my wonderful neighbors

dear ethan, muaz and aiden.....(and the rest of your fabulous family)

thank you so much for the monkey.  imagine how horrified surprised i was to see the scary and nightmare inducing cute little monkey in my bed last night.  

i was so comforted to see his adorable eyes as he stared at me from between my pillows.  you guys are just the best EVER!!!!  he had to sleep downstairs last night though, because champ was lonely and really wanted to have a companion.  the evil little adorable monkey slept on top of champers cage so i wouldn't have to have it anywhere near my bedroom he could guard him through the night. 
this morning i made sure that i gave the monkey to tessa to hold on to so that it didn't end up in the garbage can it could get just as much loving as it could get....

she loved it a lot and hopefully squeezed the life out of it  gave it lots of hugs and loving.

 and i am sure that she didn't mean to show that rude gesture......i think she loves him just as much as i do!!!!

thank you so, so much for my unbelieveable shock wonderful bedtime surprise......and be assured that i did not have any bad dreams!!!!

all my love,

mrs. mandernach


Tracie said...

Hilarious! It is good to have neighbors that you have fun with :)

Musings Of A Gem said...

That is one scary looking monkey!! Those kind of dolls freak me out with their weird eyes that never move but always seem to be watching you.

Gemma x

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