Wednesday, November 2, 2011

christmas presents.....

i decided to try my hand at building something. from wood. by myself. 
so i went to home depot, got the wood and instead of having them cut it, i used the miter saw as a chop saw and did it myself.  
who knew that this pile of sticks could end up like this.
i got the plans for this cute little farmhouse doll bed from ana white's website.
she has all kinds of projects on her site ranging from furniture to toys to household decor. 
she gives you the plans for each project including the materials list and cut list for the wood. 
i don't think i would have attempted this if it were not for her excellent directions.
it was really easy and it only took me a few hours to finish it.  i just need to cut a piece of plywood for the bed platform and i think i will add a piece of wood across the center for extra stability.  
it will fit scarlett and tessa's american girl dolls and any of their other babies.
the wood for the second one is cut and i will put it together sometime this week.  
this project was very easy to do and very inexpensive.  
here is the cost breakdown:
2 1x2x8 @ $0.82 
3 1x3x8 @ $ 1.25
1 2x2x8 @ $1.37
=  $6.76 for the wood. 
i also bought two packages of screws (2 @ $5.58) for this project so i didn't have to scrounge around in don's hardware bin.  it was just easier this way.  there were a lot of them left over. 
i already had the paint and sandpaper.  
and that is for two beds.  
i thought that such a sweet country bed deserved sweet country bedding to dress it.  i have no experience in quilting but really wanted quilts for the little beds.  i decided that i would search for some kind of a patchwork printed fabric so i wouldn't have to sew all of those tiny squares myself.  i wasn't too hopeful that i would find something though, that wasn't too cutesy.  
imagine my surprise when i found this fabric 
at joann's.  i didn't know that they even carried anything like this.  
it's perfect.  and already quilted for me....i found this fabric for the back of the quilt. 
i love the mini-graphic print and it will be so cute when it is done.  
i already have the batting for the center and i plan on binding the quilt with fabric in the same color as the roses. i love how easy that this is going to be to put it together since most of the work is done for me.

 i think that the girls will love these beds, but in the meantime
i plan on using one of them for a couple of newborn shoots....
it think it would be perfect for that and i plan to make an extra one for me eventually. 
be sure to check out ana's site if you want to experiment in easy, basic woodworking. 
 i'm glad i did. 


danielle said...

Wow, that's super impressive!!!

Leilani said...

Now that is cute!! Please could you make an adult size version for me?! Haha.. just kidding!
Beautiful find on the fabric too!

Nicki said...! That bed is perfect and the already quilted fabric - oh my! Perfect and great accompanying pictures.

Elisabeth said...

How totally inspiring! You make it look super easy. The quilt material is lovely, too.

Lauren Hartman said...

I bow down to your handiness, that is awesome. And the fabric is just perfect. Darling. In fact SO darling that I really should try and make two of them for two sweet little girls in my life!

Reds said...

Wow - you are one talented lady!! I am so jealous!!

Tracie said...

Awesome!!! Your girls will love these gifts :)

Gypsy Girl(Brenda) said...

What a great job you did on this project. I love both the bed and the quilt. Ana Whites site is a good one to go to.

Anonymous said...

@ Leilani... Ana White has plans for the "adult" version of that bed :-). I've been an avid Ana White reader for over a year now and she never ceases to amaze me. I LOVE the pre-quilted (is there such a thing?) fabric you found!!! The idea gears are spinning...

Musings Of A Gem said...

It looks really good well done you! I'm just awaiting the fabric for my quilt (nearly done just the backing and bias to go!!)

I'm in love with patchwork quilts at the moment..really love yours : )

Gemma x

Georgianna said...

You're SO clever!! I seem to be useless at finishing projects but you just crank them out. Great job!!

xo :)

Lisa said...

I love the fabric you found for the back of the quilt.

Unknown said...

I'd also get a piece of foam and cover it in some pink ticking fabric so the babies have a mattress.

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