Sunday, July 24, 2011

i'm a hottie.....

as i'm sure, is everyone else in the country this past week....
the temps have been dreadful for about 10 days.
high 90's and last thursday we hit 99 degrees.  the heat index was 110 degrees...
it hasn't gotten much better in the last few days.  it is almost too hot to do anything.  i have been taking my morning walk between 6:30 and 7:00 am and i come home in a dripping sweat.  and the dog starts tugging at the leash to go home after the first lap around the subdivision,
even though he knows we always go 3-4 laps....
he plops down on the kitchen floor when we get into the house and tries to flatten himself to get every square inch of his body onto the cool floor.

I have been very grateful this past week for: 

central air-conditioning
the neighbor's pool
air conditioning in my car
electricity to run the air conditioning
air conditioning

the chance to see this
and this

during austen's baseball tournament in grand haven, adorable little lakeside town on the west side of the state where we had the opportunity to spend last weekend.  
poor austen baked in the sun during his games
which were played in a school yard surrounded by a parking lot, a street and fortunately for me,
some trees right next to the field which kept us nicely shaded and cooled.  
they (the team) didn't do too well, only winning one game out of four but we had a really fun weekend with breakfast out at a great little restaurant in town, a great hotel with a pool, a team picnic with food that we all brought and great company with the other baseball moms and dads. 
the night before we came home, we headed to the beach and pier for some sightseeing and an ice cream cone....
i only got a few pictures of the pier but i loved this one of austen who is getting tall enough to block dad's face.  
and this one of both of my guys
and austen got this one of us
as we were leaving the pier to go back to the hotel.   
it has been too hot to do any painting lately, i just don't have the motivation or desire to fight the heat. 
i did finish up this cute little table before i left though...
painted in a striped beachy style.....
and i am getting ready to let this one go.....
a sweet little craigslist find for $20,
repainted and dressed with a paint drop cloth.
 it started out looking like this

and i will be sad to see her go......


Anonymous said...

I hear you on the heat! We could bake cookies in our car if we wanted too!

Love the beachy table.

Trying to keeping cool in AZ,


Musings Of A Gem said...

I heard about the heatwave but didn't know it was that bad! Poor you : (

I hope it cools a bit for you!

Love the picture of you & Don!

Gemma xXx

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Crystal @ Ordinary Days said...

Wow, it has been super hot here too. Looks like you all managed to have a little fun though! :)

Amy Chalmers said...

Nice job on the chair. Love the pics of the fam!! Too cute!

Rachel said...

What a nice getaway!

Sorry - we've been finally getting a few warm days - and that means 75-80 degrees with a breeze. It makes up for the rain :)

Loving that table... are you ready to part with it? :)

Unknown said...

I just wanted to say I love your blog! It makes me smile seeing the dog and hearing about Don's attempts to fix up everything, the children's hijinks etc.. Our blogs are so different and they feed my soul in different ways. J

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