Sunday, September 12, 2010

ok, so remember?.....

when the birds ate our patio chairs.  i posted about that 

so we got some new cushions for the chairs and they looked great...
but then our $5 garage sale replacement patio umbrella broke and i posted about that here
well, don fixed the umbrella again and it all looked pretty again,
until last week...
when someone (and i'm not naming any names this time either  cough, coughdoncough) left the umbrella in the up position 
and we had a pretty nasty windy storm...well you can guess what happened, can't you?

wrong!!!  we still have the umbrella...however,
it performed like a sail and sent our table flying into the corner of the stairs to the doorwall and 
now our table is topless!!!

and it was really pretty glass, a pale aqua with leaves imprinted into it and a built-in lazy susan
i guess we will just cut a big old piece of ugly plywood and slap that on top of the frame. 

hey, it will probably make the umbrella look good!!!


Musings Of A Gem said...

Hi Cindy!

O no!! I'm so sorry about your's typical isn't it?!

I love your new chair covers...they look great : )

Gemma x

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