Sunday, September 19, 2010

the cider mill.....

last sunday, we made our annual pilgrimage to our local cider mill.  for us it is a tradition i don't think we have missed in all the years we have been married.  we love fall...the beautiful color of the trees, the smell of leaves burning and and the cool, earthy smell of the crisp clean air.
the epitome of fall...cider, donuts, apple picking and pumpkins...
and speaking of pumpkins,  i love these
(click on any picture to enlarge it)
i think we need to get some seeds to grow these types of pumpkins next year
this is the one i wanted
but at 39 cents a pound, this one was about $12.  so that one didn't come home with me.
this one did....
the warty one in the front right corner.....
i didn't take a good picture of it because i really, really wanted the one behind it.
ah well,  it was probably a good thing because we used that extra money to pay for
$7 a dozen......
he thought they were worth it
but seriously...
$7 dollars a dozen!!!!
cider was $8 dollars a gallon..
so we drank water.  that i brought.
the kettle corn this year was $5 dollars for a small bag and
those bags were really small.
going to the cider mill every year means that we get to pick apples too!!
but we were a little shocked at the price per bushel this year
$32 dollars....   =:-O
so we only picked half a bushel.
we still had fun after we recovered from the shock of the high prices.
shannon, jason and the girls met us there.
shannon wanted to get some family pictures taken so that's what we did too!!

the cider mill had a fun play park for the kids.
there is a zip line

i see london. i see france....

and the coolest slide made out of sewer tubing

so, all in all, we had a really great time and for once around these parts, had some decent weather.
the weekends have not been the best.  as usual in michigan, we went from summer to autumn in about 2 days.  the temps have been about 25-30 degrees cooler than they were two weeks ago.  while we needed rain desperately, we don't want it on the weekends which is when we usually get it.  every weekend.
we have a few more fun weekend adventures planned over the next few weeks...i'm hoping the weather holds out for us.....
but i'm not holding my breath.   :)


Lizz said...

You've got me all inspired to do some fun "fall" activity now!

Pam said...

I get sticker shock every year when we go to our local cider mill. But it's still fun to go. Wouldn't be fall without it. Love the pic with you and your son!

Cynthia said...

Great photos! Look like such a fun time. I need to get my kids out on an 'Adventure Day' again!

very merry vintage style said...

Beautiful pictures... however I am getting distracted by those donuts!

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