Tuesday, January 24, 2012

adding in even more projects...

i haven't had enough to do lately, so i thought i would take on another project.  i woke up on saturday, walked into my powder room and decided that i was sick of the black cabinet in there and took the doors off.
i figured if i started dismantling it, i would have to finish it.  it is getting a new paint job.
that lovely brass toilet paper holder got a little facelift too!

 i figured that if i was going to take on this task on the spur of the moment, it was going to have to be simple and quick.  so i broke out the chalk paint and started painting.
 i used paris grey
 and then realized that the walls are grey too....
 so.  i have another design in mind for this room.  the most changed out room in our house in the almost 12 years that we have lived here... if i am remembering correctly, this would be the sixth design change in this room.  (crickets)

fickle much??
anyway, with the walls being grey and the cabinet being grey, i distressed them a little and left them with a rather rough finish.  i love the contrast between the rough texture and the cute new knobs.  
the toilet paper holder was sprayed with a dark bronze metallic and it instantly updated it.  
bye-bye brass...hello, modern!!
i also painted the inside of the cabinet doors just for fun.  because bathrooms should be fun, right?
and my homage to harry potter...the lumos/nox light switch.  they are just scrapbooking stickers but it is a fun touch.  i have done this on a few other switch plates around the house...(and i know that the switches are really grungy and dirty but i am not sure how to clean them....a q-tip didn't fit under there and i am afraid to spray any cleaner into that area.  
you know, electrocution and all!  :)
(so if anyone knows how to clean the on/off switches, please let me know)!!
my plan to finish this room off is to replace the flooring with a vintage looking tile, a board and batten treatment for the walls and paintable embossed wallpaper in a vintagy tin ceiling style for the ceiling.  i have never wallpapered a ceiling but the room is very small so i think it is doable....  
i may try a little stenciling on the walls too.  

i did finish one project that i have been working on.  this quilt was made for a very dear friend who is expecting a baby girl.  her baby shower was on sunday. 
this is the first one that i made using store bought fabrics instead of vintage sheets, although i did use one for the back of the quilt.  since it is for a baby, and babies are tactile, i wanted to incorporate as many textures as i could.
 i used linen and lace,
 flannel and fur
 and corduroy that feels like velvet....it was so soft...
i also made some coordinating burp cloths for her but neglected to take pictures of them.  
the picture below is the only one i have of them...but they were really cute....
 i loved this quilt...and so did she!
i started a part time job working a couple hours a day for a few weeks in the front office of an elementary school.  i love working with the kids and the people that work with me are great.  it is a really fun job and hopefully it will become a permanent part time job.  
i will be sharing a couple more projects that are almost finished in the next few days.... 


Unknown said...

I love it! The powder room looks grand..Gives me motivation to do my own half bath! Great job!

Pine Tree Home said...

Busy Busy Bee. The cabinet was an instant change a roo and I don't think the grey with grey looks bad at all. It makes it all cohesive, just like if you had white with white.

Can you make a king quilt for me? Looks so comfy cozy.

Musings Of A Gem said...


The cabinet looks so much better! You are fabulous at making rooms look great.

The quilt you made for the baby is lovely. I love the mix of fabrics you used.

Fingers crossed your job leads onto something permanent : )

Jean @ www.thebackyardbungalow.com said...

Take a soapy toothbrush to the switch plate. It works well and no electrocution worries!

Katie said...

i love love love the quilt! you are so talented! i really want to do that to my brass doorknobs...i will be calling you to find out what you used! ;) beautiful!


Artifice said...

I love the cabinet!!!!!! It doesn't bother me that the walls and cabinet are grey!

Elisabeth said...

I was going to suggest using a toothbrush for the light switch but I see Jean beat me to it.

Your bathroom looks great and the quilt turned out so nice!

Anonymous said...

Hello - you have a lovely blog! I really admire your energy and all of your accomplishments... Regarding your light switch and light switch cover plate: Turn off the breaker switch to your bathroom electricity, located in your breaker box. Cover a pointy toothpick with a paper towel dampened with four-o-nine. You can then get in the crevices with the point, or break off the end of the toothpick to scrape in a larger crevice. It's time-consuming of course, but hopefully you won't have to do it often. I use the same technique for my kitchen appliances; mixer, coffee maker, etc. Have fun! :)
from Pickles

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