Tuesday, September 13, 2011

more senior shots.....

i have know alexa since she was about 6 years old.  her family moved into our neighborhood about 2 months after we did.  i became great friends with her mom and austen played with her and her younger sister as a tot....
she has a sister who is two years younger,
arielle breanna...
and one that is 5 years younger,
adrienne monet.  (like the artist)
  all three girls are absolutely delightful.  and beautiful.
they moved out of the neighborhood about 6 years after moving in but their mom and 
i have kept in contact and remained great friends. 
debbie asked me to take alexa's senior pictures and i was honored that she asked me.  

she was born on march 17th, st. patrick's day, with a head of red hair and green eyes.....
and christened....  
alexa emerald.  

she plans on becoming a physical therapist in an eight year program....she would be perfect for the job!!!
debbie, your girls are gorgeous and i don't think you could have picked better names for them.  
i adore them all!!!!

oh, yeah, ignore the no trespassing sign in that picture way up there.  we totally weren't trespassing...  ;)


Georgianna said...

What a darling girl! And GREAT shots! I love that she looks so natural and her personality comes through. I really have a problem with a lot of the senior photo shoots that are not that way. Wonderful!!! xo – g

Lisa said...

You take great photos. I'm quite impressed.

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