Monday, August 30, 2010

before and after....

remember this chair???

i bought it at a thrift store for 10 dollars.....
it was disgusting, dirty and smelly.
but it had nice lines and detail

 after lots of deconstruction

eeewwww...spider condo...
and i mean lots....dang staples

i ended up with this frame
which i painted a nice soft cream color.

the seat presented a problem because i wanted to use it for photography and maybe have kids stand on it.
and not really that comfortable to sit on anyway.
not near strong or sturdy enough so i removed the wire springs and don cut out a piece of scrap plywood we had laying around to fit the seat shape.
i bought some foam (man, that stuff is expensive), cut it with my electric carving knife...cuts like buttah..
and covered and stapled the inner fabric to the plywood.
i tried several fabrics....

and this was the final choice.
which i stapled the seat to the base

there she is.
for 10 dollars and some paint and fabric i had laying around the house.

not bad.  

linking up to more great redo's here:


Musings Of A Gem said...

It's REALLY nice!! I love the turquoise colours.

Very inspiring : )

Gemma x

Mel said...

What a great update. I'm working on some similar chairs as I type (well, I'm taking a break lol).

Visiting from Better After

Shaunna said...

Beautiful job!! I love the fabric and what a pretty find! Thanks so much for linking it up to style feature saturday! -shaunna :)

uienifer said...

You did great job!

Julie said...

Awesome...I was able to find a set of four like that on Craig's List, and they were yellow with tweed nubby fabric...ummm....ick??? Did them white and recovered too. Isn't it fun to see the transformation from junk to beauty??? LOVE your work. what a metamorphosis! outstanding job. thanks for sharing...and the tutorial of your work.

Tammy said...

Great redo! Love the lines on that beauty!
Tammy :-)

ahmed said...

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