Wednesday, April 14, 2010

mad for macro.....

i have been taking a lot of very close up, or macro photos lately.  it is interesting to get that close to an object and then see what you get when you upload the photos on to the computer.  

some are beautiful, ethereal and very unusual.  can you guess? 

you would never think that marble is a macro photo of this:
i think it's cool that the picture inside the marble is upside down.  i was really surprised when i uploaded that one.  

the next one is another dandelion flower..

the second one is a dandelion flower that is ready to bloom...what is that black thing??

and the third one?  getting ready to pop....

check out the next picture....

this weed was in a forgotten corner of my house where the utility box and dryer vent are.  we never go there...

how about this, do you know what it is?

if you guess baseball, you rock..

holy crap, what is THAT???

this thing scared the poop out of looks huge doesn't it?

not that big, was on my wind chime hanging on my garage.

but that little bugger followed me at whatever angle i tried to get a picture of him and flailed it's legs at me, or maybe it was his fangs.  (ooh, i just got a shiver).  you have to understand that i hate spiders and have been known to pulverize them

(i don't just kill them, i annihilate them if i have something with a long enough handle) 

if there is no man around to do it for me.  austen doesn't count, he's just as afraid of them as i am.

i was terrified that this monster was going to jump on me.  i think i would have been replacing my camera if it did because i would have thrown my hands in the air and ran screaming and the camera would have gone a-flying.
(would my homeowner's insurance replace that?)
i would also probably have to change my underwear!!

i mean really, look at this thing...whatever you do, don't double click on the spider pictures.

you'll regret it, i promise.

okay....let's calm down with a nice soothing picture...

whew, that's better. 

see you later!!!


Musings Of A Gem said...

Heehee this game again! I love it! That spider is HUGE..we don't get spiders like that in the UK and i'm SO glad we dont!

Rebecca Miller said...

Dear Aunt Cindy,
I like the upside down picture in the marble. It was surprising to me too. The spider was was gross. We double clicked on it. I regretted it. I love you!
Tut tut for now,

Rebecca Miller said...

I really enjoyed your post. Your commentary was delightful and drew us into the post even more. Keep up the amazing photography.

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